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September 03, 2009

Please be my reader as I write about chasing Kalel; about being a Filipino living in Dubai, driving around with my husband, and anything under sun. Catch-up with you soon!

This blog is inspired by our Kalel -- malikot/ makulit/ magulo/ madaldal/ malambing -- who always amazes us in the family.

About our KALEL MOSAIAH, the name

Staying here in an Arab nation, Kalel is mostly thought of as "Khalil" and related to a Muslim name. Smallville followers would however guess it right that it came about from Kal El -- Superman's (planet) Krypton name. On a side note, 'Khalil' in Arabic means 'Friend'

Mosaiah, on the other hand, is his Igorot name. It could be simply spelled as Mosaya, however his Lola suggested giving a fix on the spelling. 

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