Gremlin's Journal: A Rockstar?

October 16, 2009

Today I want to note my amazement at my Gremlin's humming along with the different "sound tracks" of Jimjam's and Disney Channel's individual programs. We were at home for most of the day and the tv was on while we do our stuff. Only then had we noticed Kalel knowing the next tunes of the program at hand. I am amazed because he had been watching these channels for barely a month just yet.

While it hadnt occured yet on me that my son might be a musician, this week alone had two persons saying we let him join Kids For Christ to hone his singing, and also to let him join the karaoke singing contest.

How can a mum like me tell that my son is gifted with a singing voice when I am getting used to hearing him shout at the top of his voice wherever we go. But yeah, parents should help develop their kids' talents.


First memorized nursery rhyme: Twinkle twinkle little star (because he hears me sing it everyday to him)
First Barney song he liked: I love you (he asks us to sing this everytime we put him to bed)
First non-kid song we heard him sing at early two-year-old: Wake Me Up When September Ends (he has been hearing it on the car radio)

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