A Gremlin's Pronunciation

October 29, 2009

Kalel has people around him speaking mainly Ilokano- Tagalog dialects, yet he speaks English. Programs he watch are among his teachers, including Barney, Playhouse Disney's, Jimjam's, Dora, Little Einsteins.
Though he has the Filipino English accent and pronunciation, some still thinks he has some slang. Here are some of his words:

  • Kel-ay = Can I (eg, Kel-ay take a bath?)
  • The woler fountain is geling bigger and smaller = The water fountain is getting bigger and smaller
  • Tomowow = Tomorrow
  • Bue = Blue
  • E-k = ok
  • Wehd = Red
  • Mimub = Remove
These are basically at pre-three years old and are being corrected now. The first first obvious mispronunciation he had is his name, he used to say it as Kalen.
-- letters R and N becomes L when in between two vowels used in a sentence, otherwise are mostly pronounced properly
-- R becomes silent when in the middle of a word

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