Shoes for Singing in Church

October 29, 2009

I had posted this in facebook and thought documenting it here :)

Kalel and his dad attended Church. Atmosphere was suppose to be low as the prayers were about Ondoy and calamities. My 3-year-old son, innocent as he is, gleefully sang and participated in the mass. One elder, a stranger, thought he brought a nice feeling so she handed the gremlin AED 100...October 9, 2009

The elder (we call her aunt/ tita) even asked Kalel what he wants to buy, and she jokingly suggested a pair of shoes. So here is the Adidas we bought with the AED 100 for.

I was working that Friday in the office, and it was already 12 noon when I remembered a Filipino mass is scheduled for 12:30pm. Grabbed the phone, rung hubby to ask he bring Kalel to Church. But both had not taken bath yet, put on their jeans and in slippers. Late as they were, they joined the standing Church goers. Kalel asked to sit on his dad's shoulders as he smiled, clapped and sang loudly (humming the tunes).

Hubby and I are not regular Church goers but we feel obliged for our son as:

-- He loved going to Church during his stay in Baguio, he himself requesting to go.
-- He particularly knows the different Churches he sees back home
-- A Church is among those he regularly scribbles
-- He knows Father Benny (Castaneda)
-- To strengthen his prayer time which they taught him back home (we pray with him before he hits bed at night. Among his prayers back home was "Jesus bless mama, papa)

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