Gremly Home School

November 22, 2009

As we feel unnecessary yet for the Gremlin to attend school, we thought of trying to slightly home-school him so when he later attends school, he can at least cope up with classmates who had been in the classroom as early as three years old. So we bought him the Brilliant Baby CD series. He would seem to be almost late at starting with them as the age bracket is for one to four years old and he is three years five months. He has watched the CD like an hour a day for less than a week and he could identify most of the letters now.
I guess the key to my little boy is not to force him and to keep him interested.
I observed that his interest changes as months pass. He now could focus on watching educational CDs, unlike when he was around six months to two years, he cant even sit except for this particular Nursery Rhyme CD. He'd rather climb and run then.
As for the Brilliant Baby CDs, there are VCD versions and are 25% of the DVD price. Of course the DVD versions have extra features of chapter selections, sneak peaks and educational acivities. For us, we bought the VCDs to take in more topics.  

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