Gremly Tweets - November 2009

December 01, 2009

Nov 30th, 2009  Asked the gremlin to read the letters P-I-Z-Z-A. He said "zed" for Z because of his VCD. We initially taught him to read it as "zi".

Nov 30th, 2009  "No papa, not faster" to his dad asking him not to drive fast, as he disliked swaying with the curvy and bumby road.

Nov 30th, 2009  Kalel, where's papa? "I dont know... He's out" He asks a lot, and for some we say we dont know. Now he answers that back to us!

Nov 28th, 2009  Mama Duno and Papa Arnel - Kalel used to call us since coming from Baguio. Lately, he has got used calling without our names...

Nov 24th, 2009  "Parang syang machine gun!". Commented a visitor to the Gremlin with his nonstop wiggling and non-stop loud talking.

Nov 20th, 2009  At the party last night Kalel sung Nobody But You and When Sept Ends. Uncle Greg said hindi nagmana sa akin, I said I am the music teacher.

Nov 20th, 2009  Kalel: "What happened to my tummy?" Mama: "You want to pupu (poop)?" Kalel: "No, I'm hungry" so he gets his milk.

Nov 20th, 2009  Attended Mia's birthday. The emcee knows only two names of the many kids - Cara Mia & Kalel. They said he is not mahiyain, actively playing.

Nov 20th, 2009   Lights off, I was putting Kalel to sleep, I said "You need to sleep", he continued, "so that we wake up early".

Nov 19th, 2009  I said "Grabe Kalel, hahaha!" He shot the camera to us, then he placed it on the couch, lens towards him, clicked to take photo of himself.

Nov 18th, 2009  "Can you get the guitar so that I'll strum"

Nov 18th, 2009   To the outdoor loving Gremlin we said: "C'mon we go out!". He answered "No, I play barn!" referring to Barn Buddy at facebook...

Nov 17th, 2009  Uncle Ronald to Aunti Joan: Kalel doesnt cry when he gets hurt. Attested when I bit him in return of him biting me.

Nov 17th, 2009  Oh how, oh how, the Gremlin's always asked by strangers for a kiss and he gives...

Nov 17th, 2009  Forget looking insane along Al Rigga. Gremlin on his shoulder, arms spread sidewards, the dad whirls up, down & forward, acting an airplane

Nov 17th, 2009  Kababain, whereever he learned to do it ~ Kalel kisses baby Juryn, wipes his mouth and says "yikes!"

Nov 17th, 2009  Gremlin and his dad watching the Dubai Airshow. Gremlin: "The airplanes are painting the sky". The dad corrects "jet planes".

Nov 16th, 2009  I thought today: Sometimes we need to hear others complain to realize we are blessed. Am so blessed w/ a loving family. My work's a blessing

Nov 16th, 2009  The dad's now locating files moved/ dragged by the Gremlin. He allows the latter to mess with his laptop. I dont care as long as not mine =)

Nov 14th, 2009  Lola cute is awe-d at Kalel, he recited the Lord's Prayer alone. He knew it a week now after listening to me lead him pray...

Nov 10th, 2009   Yesterday's tweet needs correcting: SLU fishpond twelve years back...

Nov 10th, 2009  The Gremlin: "I wanna take picture of Jesus," referring to Jesus' poster on the wall, the he said "Smile Jesus~ , smile~"

Nov 9th, 2009  The gremlin grabs the mobile phone from his dad's hand "I want to talk to mama duno?". To me: "mama we go Haagen Daz, ok?".

Nov 9th, 2009  SLU fishpond eleven years back on this day, the gremlin's mom officially felt she has a boyfriend for the first time- the gremlin's dad!

Nov 7th, 2009  It took someone to hurt me for me to realize I am so blessed - a cheergiving son, loving husband, loving parents, siblings, friends, career

Nov 7th, 2009   Small mouse but the Gremlin cant reach the left button tip, small bike but the Gremlin cant reach the break. Oh such little fingers...

Nov 7th, 2009  The gremlin's got a bike, a Harley DAvidson design. Sung while driving along the beach path, passersby said he's cute...

Nov 6th, 2009  smiling... the dad taught the gremlin how to use the mouse. The gremlin's now completing the Bob the Builder online puzzle alone!

Nov 6th, 2009  "oh no, my car is broken, i have to fix it." His car are plastic bins formed together.

Nov 5th, 2009  The gremlin's dad nudged the crayon bucket to the floor, some were broken. The Gremlin said "Ay she-et, don’t worry mama duno, I'll fix it"

Nov 3rd, 2009  The Gremlin: We go Baguio see Pogi and Lola Cute… He calls his lolo Pogi as the other kids do and the lolo pleads them not to :)

Nov 3rd, 2009   "I want to hold the string of the dog" he says on seeing one. Otherwise, he pulls our shirt edges at the back and calls us his dogs...

Nov 2nd, 2009  Was punishing the gremlin, kneeling, hands on ears. He sung ABC then asked him to count 1 to 100 (guided). He said: "One-two- one hundred!"

Nov 1st, 2009  A walk to ToysRUs with uncle Jake and Baskin Robins with uncle Joshua today for the Gremlin...

Nov 1st, 2009  What does the Gremlin want? Told his uncle Perton who's washing rice to cook: "No! Do not cook anything, ok?"

Nov 1st, 2009  Uncles Jake and Ronald tagged Kalel along for a walk. Coming back, uncle Ronald said "daldal nang daldal" =)

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