Of Mergers and Acquisitions

November 23, 2009

(A repost from my Facebook notes dated July 14, 2009) 
My husband kidded me if my next employer will witness merging/ acquisition with/ by its competitor. It was a year back in my previous employer when the papers announced it was acquired by another company.
Now my current company has just recently merged with its previous competitor. The latter being both Middle East - North Africa leaders in their industry.
Merger and acquisition news have been at the heights when recession hit hard. This was their way to save either or both companies. But there are those acquisitions where the shareholders of the acquired company voted to sell their stakes because the acquiring company offered a high price for them.
These acquisitions and mergers did not sound good to customers in the online comments after the write-ups, with accusations of market monopoly. While in the workplace, buzz is on redundancies.
Taken on the lighter side, a merger/ acquisition because both parties are operating badly brought by competition is better than the chance of both companies closing.
One operation creates economy than none at all.

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