Review: Samsung SGH-F480

November 14, 2009

 Its slimness, 5megapixel camera, touch screen and big screen view -- made me happy to receive this mobile phone from hubby on my birthday. But now I look forward to having another phone and does not really want a touch screen now.
  • Just barely five months of use and started not budging, sort of it "hangs". Pressing the screen hard does not help, and pressing the switch off button for re-setting does not help either. I have to remove the battery then wait awhile before switching it back on. Imagine the phone ringing and it wont let me receive the call. 
  • This is a definite no-no for a texter (SMS). The screen is ultra sensitive, and the fingers ought to be small-sized to avoid wrongly hitting nearby letters.
  • This does not have an external switch to activate the camera, at times you need to urgently take a photo.
What else? I think these are generally what it is for touch screen phones as written in other pages, not just specifically for Samsung SGH-F480.

Whatever it is, I dont recommend this phone =)

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  1. The Samsung is cheap phone with problems with dropping calls and poor voice quality!


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