School for the Gremlin

November 08, 2009

"What month does Brent start classes?" asks the gremlin's dad. He's asking about the one in Baguio.
Yeah, we're both re-thinking sending our Gremlin to school back home. You see, the minimum AED 15k annual fee for nursery classes here translates to around Php 192k, enough to pay Brent School Baguio. And that means our son getting the equivalent of the premium schools here.
We thought attending a school in Baguio could be better because:

  • Filipino schools (as cheap options) here in Dubai are much like the Philippine public schools according to two moms I chatted with;
  • The other cheaper options are some Indian schools but these mean other culture and different curriculum;
  • Unless at Saint Mary's (which is not of Philippine curriculum), schools here dont include Christian (Catholicism) religion subjects;
For us the Gremlin's parents, an ideal school is where learning and playing comes hand in hand. This could be everywhere in Dubai but it comes with high cost.
That aside, we also consider Baguio because it is where family is and where our gremlin gets a normal social life. Earlier,it was during his stay there that his social and mental growth has accelerated. He was just a month old when he would speak his syllables to his grannies and to his aunt Bistang every time they speak to him at every pause of an ascending tone. He babbled "bah", "gah", "inggah". (I remember those syllables still quite well!) 
Coming to Dubai, it was just us his mom, dad, anta lisa. We were not enough to encourage him to converse. Yes, he turned two without being his like mom =) who at prior to two years old is talking her simple sentences (according to the gremlin's granny, haha).
He only caught up when he settled in Baguio again for seven months. According to his grannies, soon as we left him (at two years seven months), he started speaking his simple sentences until he became conversant.

(Although it should not be ignored that he's extra hyper, he is more than the usual hyper toddler. This gave us hard time to let him sit and learn to talk.)

I know other parents feeling against sending their children through school back home while they work here, fearing the kids might be left out unguided.
But we feel blessed in this aspect because we have the all the confidence in the love and care of the gremlin's grannies. They love him and are happy to have him there =)

It just then becomes a case of us missing him around if we do send him home. In the meantime, we aim to keep growing in our careers so $ becomes a lesser restriction whereever our gremlin could enjoy school. (How about getting that managerial employee benefit of AED 30k annual schooling allowance?)

Btw, we realized sending the gremlin to Brent school may not be financially practical. Say, how about sending him to SLU Lab/ Saint Louis School Center, then attending drumming lessons at Musar Yamaha on his free time?

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