Gremly Tweets - December 2009 part one

December 27, 2009

I have been taking delight in tweeting whatever I can note of my Gremlin's acts this month. So posting a month's tweets in a single post would look so loaded and boring to read.

My tweets could be ordinary but I'll keep on so I'll have something to refresh with when I ask "how was my son like at this age".  I missed to journal in detail how he has grown when I got busy starting off work when he was eight months. This time, I'll try to make up.

I believe half the tweets describe his being a sweet gremlin so when he grows, he'll know how we giggled but also gnawed at his gremliness. So here's part one of December 2009 tweets:

  • The Gremlin has his ways to catch attention when he is being ignored. Yesterday he came to me and said "Mama, I miss you!" sweetly... Dec 21st,2009
  • Who's accent is it this time? "O" pronounced as "u", "urange" for orange... Then "ahwray", for "aray"... Speech development... Dec 20th,2009
  • Grinning at the intently seated gremlin. He's listening at the audio CD, minus a video. Seldom can something catch his attention to sit! Dec 15th,2009
  • Father and son to Times Square along Sheikh Zayed. The Gremlin later keeps blurting "Times Triangle"! Dec 14th,2009My gremlin's pronouncing it Ifugao way! His letter "L" blurting a rrr sound =) . Dec 2nd,2009
  • I wrote "mama, papa, lolo, lola, kalel" for my Gremlin to read. I later asked him to read alone, pointed to "Lolo", to which he said "Pogi!" Dec 9th,2009
  • "Kalel, u've got brown skin". He raised his hand, pointed to the back of his hand he said "Dark...", flips it to his palm "Light!" Dec 4th,2009
  • Had to gather my pee for flusher payback to the Gremlin. He's at his teary face after I flushed his poop. Flushing is one of his delights. Dec 4th,2009
  • Punished the gremlin to stare at his pee on the wet bed. He woke up of wet pants.  Dec 4th,2009
  • If the Gremlin asks "What's that/ where's that/ who's that", expect a followup, "Let's get/buy that" or "Let's go there" or "Let's go see"  Dec 2nd,2009

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