Heck with Parking Scratches

December 30, 2009

You checked your parked car, found a dent/ scratch somewhere, and you dont even know who did it. You are in Dubai, what can you do?

Either (1) Ignore it. Then hope that somebody hit lightly that side in your presence so you can obtain a police report and you can claim insurance, expense-free (except for the stress of taking the car to the garage). Or (2) visit the police station, pay AED 60 for reporting a fault against no one. Pay AED 350 to your insurance and bring the car to the garage.

The insurance company justifies the AED 350 by saying they bear the cost of repair.Being a case against no one, they have no knowledge whom to charge it to.

So is the dent/ scratch repair commanding higher than AED 410? (We took 1st option as it wasnt).

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