Nasty Worms

December 15, 2009

"Oh no Kalel, you've got worms in your ubet, that's why you're magulo!", I told the gremlin. And here he cried so scared:

Hahaha, we discovered another line to keep him still for at least a minute!

For awhile, we outsmarted the Gremlin, and oh are we so encouraged to think of more lines to make him behave!

So far the following overused lines can still scare him in a minute or two (meaning, he keeps still for a minute or two, goes back to his kakulitan/ kaguluhan, and we need to repeat our lines again):

-- Do you want to sleep with the cat by the big garbage bin?
-- Here's a coin, go ride a taxi!

Us his mom and dad have to be glad now that we are only turning to verbal control, controlling not to be physical. Earlier when he just came from Baguio, had we been so gross to do him the following:

-- grabbed his feet, pulled him to the air upside-down until he got real scared
-- tied his waist to the post until he satisfied us of his promising not to do the thing again
-- locked him out the hallway as he cried his being sorry
-- made him kneel as his crossed arms reach both ears until he finished his counting or song
-- asked him to raise both arms upwards for some minutes until he pleads to put down
-- dragged him to the roadside to flag a taxi

We try as much to spare the rod for the now until he understands it, and only if it's the only option left. 

But hey, I am going too far in my latter sentence. My Gremlin is afterall a sweet Gremlin, just magulo and makulit as a toddler can be, and seen universally, is a source of happiness we are blessed of!

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