Philippine Consulate Website in Dubai

December 21, 2009

Looking for the website of the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai?
Just head to:

For anything one needs from the consulate, it is quite helpful to check their website first then ring them for information before heading to their office. They are located in the "outskirts" of the city, and to be going back-and-forth more than twice for a single document is a real waste of resources. Be patient though if you try to ring them, it could take you ages to get through and if you are not lucky,you'll find the fellow Filipino on the other end un-helpful and un-friendly.

Ask yourself the following as you head there:
  • Have you brought your complete requirements?
  • Have you brought a map of their location?
  • Have you asked the best route to reach them?
The website is not all-inclusive and downloadable forms may not be available, so it also pays to check other sites as well. In my search for the requirements for a Special Power of Attorney, I stumbled on xbambinax's post which I found helpful at

All the best on your visit to the Philippine Consulate here in Dubai!

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