A Day of Praise

January 13, 2010

My previous posts had been exuding air of my restlessness. The air is getting better so I owe to blog it too. I missed to express these two days back:

... is a day of praise. I'd continue to look positively on things when I know I had been good. Some people are making it hard for me but I'm thankful I smiled amidst the struggles. They are now smiling back.

... I'd continue to believe the good in everyone. I'd keep learning to manage restlessness, to minimise letting anyone get a share of it.

... I learned that my expectations of some people could fail, even from one I deal with five days a week. They could either be the reverse of their goodness or mean-ness. I have to consider this before I start a move.

... Worrying at uncertainties is a great waste of time. Things could turn out well. At points where situations are going astray, worrying clouds the exercise of wisdom towards the best action.

... I take big risks aiming at better things, and I know as has always been, that it will not be a wrong decision if I accept and work properly with the challenges that comes with it.

As my situation is coming from so-so to so-good, I look forward to the transition in the coming weeks to come smoothly. Wish me well =) . And I wish you well too =) .

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