Gremly Journals : Tarabitab-ness

January 30, 2010

"Why is the sun going down, mama?"

"Why is the sun have no eyes, no nose and no a ears?" (yup he said, "a ears")

"Why is papa hungry?"

"Why is the moon not lighting us?"

"I can see the moon, it's a big circle! When the moon is happy, it smile like this!" and he gave a so cute smile, one I really wished to have taken photo of. He calls a quarter moon a "happy moon".

A car was coming as we cross the street at JBR, the Gremlin stretches his palms towards the driver and said "stop!". The driver stopped, smiled and we passed.

"Papa you put your hands like this (stretches his arms sidewards)!" Then looks at me "how about you mama? And we are like airplanes" as we join him arms up sidewards walking the roadside. He takes cue from the Al Ain Aerobatics show we just saw.

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