An addict!

January 22, 2010

I'm becoming an addict! To blog-hopping that is =) And so far this made my feel:
  • I have a looooooong, long way to go in my vocabulary, structure and spontaneity in expressing my thoughts.
  • There's still lots to do in Dubai/ UAE other than our mall/ park/ resto/ beach routines. Came here since five years back and we have yet to see Sharjah, Creek Park cable car, view deck of Burj Khalifa, enter the cinema (oh, yes! havent tried here yet), MOE's snow park.
  • I wondered how much I would be cutting from my five-six hours daily sleep to give way to blog-hopping. Hayy, anyways, I am learning so maybe that would compensate, except if it's neglecting my health and family =)

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