I was on radio!

January 25, 2010

Oh wow! My voice was heard across the UAE via DJ Moe's Channel 4 FM radio show @ 8:30 pm. And you know what -- I got to talk to Moe while a song was being played and the conversation was aired about some five minutes later =). Now that answers my long time question, on how fast DJs retrieve requested songs played on air right after a caller asks for it.

Here it was: we were stuck in Sheikh Zayed traffic as the gremlin got so noisy. HIs dad, expecting a Wake Me Up When September Ends play on the radio, asks him to tone down and sing instead. Minutes passed and no said song, and all the more the Gremlin got noisier crying and insisting for the radio to play it. His dad instructed me to call the disk jockey. I held both our mobile phones ringing on both my ears. It was taking longer and everytime a song starts, I'd put down both phones while they ring, when suddenly I saw my call got answered. Startled, I lifted, and lo! DJ Moe was on the other end. I sort of stammered, apologized that I lifted the phone some seconds later. I was not conscious of my words too, since I thought I'm not live on air anyway. I managed to say it is dedicated to my son Kalel as Moe asked me. Some minutes later, we reached Al Ghurair mall's parking when my conversation was aired. As I listened, I thought I could have talked better, but I was more glad my voice did not sound mickey-mousey- squeaky =) . 

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  1. i used to call DJ Moe too when he was still having his fun morning show :D


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