Talking Machine

January 04, 2010

In his innocence, the gremlin is never lost of things to blabber about. He talks of trivial things that at times we never bother about. I wonder what he later be discussing about as he learns more =) .

He can now tell his sentences fast, and attempts to show-off he knows better even when we sometimes need to ask him to repeat what he said so we understand.

He always insist he talk to me whenever I call home from the office, and he starts telling me what he is currently doing, until I beg off I need to put the phone down. 

He is noisy too, he could be loud. And as a visitor had said, "Parang machine gun!"

Yesterday, in a span of five minutes as we enter the building parking, he had these to say:

(1) Gremlin: Mama you sing twinkle, twinkle
      Me: (started to sing) Twinkle, twinkle little star
      Gremlin: No Mama! Not like that! (sung) Twinkle, twinkle little moon...
                     how I wonder what you are!
(2) As I was picking our litter in the car, Gremlin told me: "It's messy. Fix it all by yourself"
(3) Gremlin, pointing to the dusty parked car: "That other car is dirty, eww!"

And he continued talking until we reached home.

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