And he went missing!

February 24, 2010

Missing report 1:
At the mall, I entered a shop as his dad waits for the Gremlin to follow. Not seeing me, my three-year old Gremlin stopped two strangers- Arab ladies pushing an old lady's wheelchair and asked them "Excuse me, where's mama?"

Missing report 2:
It was my turn to keep an eye on Gremlin inside Carrefour at Mall of the Emirates last night. I didn't bother until I realized I am not hearing his blabbers. Would you get worried where to start looking for your kid in a vast and crowded place? I didnt fret though. I though I'll just track a noisy boy. True enough, after circling seven of the shelf lines, I heard his nosiy chanting voice coming from the next shelf. I found him and when he saw me, he gleefully said, "Mama! I found you!".

Well at least he didnt go to customer service, the public address phone could have went as: "A Gremly boy is here looking for his missing parents!"

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