Be happy mama I will majaj you!

February 15, 2010

"I'm mad Kalel, you're not suppose to play when we're crossing the road!".

"Dont worry mama, when we go home, I majaj (massage) you so you become happy mama!", replied my three years seven months old Gremlin. Offering a massage is always his way to appease us.

Poor gremlin, I am having pre-mentrual mood swings. All he heard from me tonight is "I'm mad!".

When I say I'm mad, he'd run to his dad, "Mama is mad". The dad would say, "Go say sorry then hug and kiss mama". When I dont budge, he'd say "go massage  mama". And he learned to be sweet. The irony though is after I hug him back, he goes back misbehaving, so the cycle goes round and round! 

By misbehaving I usually mean anything that I am not willing enough to play physically with him! (Bad momma!):

- He loves asking I hold both his arms, I spin around on my feet, spinning him flying around on air.
- One hand hangs to his dad's arm, the other to mine, he pulls his feet up, and we carry him as we walk.
- He insists we put our arms up sidewards on the streets pretending we are airplanes (imagine people thinking we are out of our minds?)
- Walking along, he goes in my front, blocking my way until I carry him (he's 16 kilograms!) until we reach our destination
- At home, as am selfishly busy with my laptop, he pulls my hand (he wont stop until I go), and says "Come mama, can you come see what I made?" or "Come mama, let's play that"
- At home, while I exhaustedly lounge on the coach, he either pushes himself at my back saying "Mama, can you give me more space, my head dont fit", or he steps/ walks through whole of my body as I shriek in little pain, or he asks we play 'pipini' (Baguio term for lying on the back, folding the legs to let a kid sit on the feet as the feet is lifted up then down)
- While I'm in a conversation with another person, he asks a question, or shows off what he built/made. He expects an answer or a complement, but not getting one from me, he pulls my head if he can, keeps repeating what he is saying and shrieks until I answer.

Now here we are at home, he just massaged me, 'karate sort of'. And to teach him and test his patience, I kept saying I'm not happy so he wont stop. I also asked him to count one to a hundred and to sing the alphabet all the more prolonging his 'majaj'.

(The naughtiest Gremlin is the sweetest after all!)

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