Gremly Tales - February 2010

February 28, 2010

I've now kept notebooks both in the car and at home handy when I feel recording the Gremlin's statements. I've decided to do this when I realized I cannot remember every detail how my Gremlin's communication development is. Also, since he is away from his grannies, aunts, uncles and cousins, letting them read how he is, somehow give them views on how gremly he is! 

5th February 2010
Dark rain clouds were looming.Again, he is particular he wakes up in the morning because the "sun is out"

Gremlin: I never see the sun again. The sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds. I'm going to open the window to blow the clouds.
(Opened the window and his mouth blowing wind)
But how can I blow the clouds, the clouds dont go.
But how can I blow more more harder. The rain clouds are coming.

(he always uses 'never' when he would mean 'Dont')

7th February 2010
At McDonalds, Al Rigga

Me: Do you want ice cream Kalel?
Gremlin: Yes mama, I looovvvve McDonalds!
(Oh well, maybe he saw a cartoon character with that intonation of prolonging 'love')

11th February 2010

Gremlin: What's the matter papa?
(matter pronounced as 'manner'. He had got used to this phrase and sometimes says it as 'What's wrong, papa?')

12th February 2010

Gremlin: Mama, why is the sun going down?
Me: Please talk to the sun and ask him
The dad (diverting the topic): But why are you bangad Kalel?
Gremlin: Wait a minute papa, the sun is telling, I talk to the sun.

12th February 2010
Kalel pee-d in his pants at Ikea play area. In the car going home:

Gremlin: Sorry mama... (repeating it all throughout sweetly). 
Me: It's ok but I'm not happy!
Gremlin: How am I going to make mama happy?
Me: You dont pee on your pants and you massage me!
Gremlin: But how am I going to massage mama?

26th February 2010
The dad and I were wrestling at opposite sides of the toilet door, I was inside and wont let him in. The Gremlin saw and asked his dad

Gremlin: What's wrong papa?
The Dad: It's mama
Gremlin: Mama! Dont hurt papa, stop hurting papa, or else!
(By now I managed to lock the door, the Gremlin came knocking)
Mama, why hurting papa?

26th February 2010
The Gremlin was on his usual blabbering. I thought to stop him talking so I decided to start a topic that's alien so he cannot say anything. I started:

Me: The name of the planet we live is Earth
Gremlin: And I will ride a space ship to outer space!
(Oh, oh, loser me, I forgot he's watching Little Einsteins and all those kiddie channels)

27th February 2010
After two days of sandstorms, it suddenly thundered and rained here in the desert. Water accumulated along the deeper parts of the streets.

Gremlin: And there's a river there! And how am I going to go down the river?

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