Hiccups is for growing

February 15, 2010

"That pink flower is not having hiccups!"

The gremlin said of the shrubs whose flowers he always see of the same size.

When he started having his hiccups, he was so annoyed and scared. We pacified him explaining hiccups help him grow.

He's always excited of growing tall so we seize the opportunity to tell him "that's why you need to eat your vegetables and fruits. And you need to sleep well."

And he blabbers his endless growing tall wants:

"When I grow tall, I will seat on that chair" (not on his car seat, associated for babies)

"When I grow tall, I will use the big spoon" (he's got his medium sized spoon)

He is growing taller indeed, some 102 cm now, a little boy, a naughty and sweet gremlin =)

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