Igorot Affection, part 2

February 16, 2010

My Gremlin joins the recent evolution of Igorot affection.

"Mama, we bought you some flowers!" the Gremlin said when he met me with a hug on Valentines Day.

According to his dad,the Gremlin chose the stem of red rose and exclaimed "Mama will love it!". Of couse I did. I actually expected it, having been a routine from my husband. I have an Ikea glass vase where I gather these flowers I receive to dry.

Of flower giving, two particular occassions were pretty special because I received them not at home, and both were in my previous job, thirty kilometers away from my husband.

On Valentine's Day of 2008, I was all-smiles and proud walking the halls of the office with a bouquet of white flowers Kalel's dad asked to be delivered to the office. He called though grinning, that he cannot hide it is an online purchase off the card for AED 250 =)

On my birthday in 2008, reception called me saying I need to sign a package. I went down, only to meet my husband holding a red rose, ready to whisk me for a lunch date. I blushed as surprised. I have to say sorry to my colleague who cooked food for everybody to share in the office for my birthday, I left them to celebrate minus me. I joined the Gremlin's dad at Thai Chi who skipped work awhile, drove 30 kilometers for my birthday! (Btw, of course officemate M is one sweet lady cooking for my birthday!)

So who says Igorot men are not romantic?

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  1. we're passionately very romantic from the inside

  2. Hhmmm...I think it's not in the region; it's in the person.

    I am always impressed by the personality of Igorot people. I ventured Sagada once and always frequent Baguio during my leave. I believe the Igorot people represent our being Filipino: hardworking, resilient, lovers of nature, and always smiling.

    You're lucky, Bevs, for having a loving family.

    Happy Valentine's Day.


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