Of resignations

February 25, 2010

Job hopping definitely allows us to meet people who ultimately teach and guide us to be stronger and better, not just into our work details, but in our day to day challenges.

As tradition, I received a goodbye card with messages from most of the finance peeps.

When I read their well-wishes, I smiled remembering at how they influenced me. Let me please share these influences randomly. Here I start:

A colleague insisted I had progressed a lot. I guess she means -- I worry less now, I showed less tension and less stress, I had not been staying late in the office, I can talk with confidence and I had been more positive in my outlook.

I credit her for instilling in me that (1) Family should come first, (2) Speak out what you feel, in a nice way, (3) Lift it all to Him.

Letting out my tears makes me handle my frustrations better.

Colleagues who demand high level of accuracy and analytical value create the most stress, pressure and tension, but they are the best teachers. I'd rather love them than hate them.

Shout for help when your basket is full. It's not a signal of in-ability but is ushering in the essence of teamwork.

Earning a position is not fully a matter of credentials or list of experiences, but by the confidence one exudes.

Working in a schedule-controlled (even to the hour) environment is just a matter of joining and flowing in the system. Once used to, it becomes less robotic, and makes one appreciate time management.

Constantly appreciating and rewarding the hard work of subordinates breeds motivation.

That's it, friends, thank you for joining me chronicle my journey I just walked by. =)

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  1. You must be very well-loved in your previous work. I can see that in the letters you received from your colleague.

    And yes, I agree with the entirety of your lessons.

    One thing that I've to learn the most though is of confidence. I specifically lack that.

  2. @Nebz - Thank you, I guess they speak commonly of hardwork.

    We Filipinos generally are hardworking, but generally do not confidently speak out. I'll always be talking about this, if only to motivate.

    Nakikita kasi natin kung paano napunpunta ang mga magagandang trabaho sa mga ibang lahi na mas magaling magsalita kahit pa mas magaling yung pinoy, specifically sa Dubai, and I guess dito sa middle east.

  3. I echo Nebz comment that you must be very well-loved by your colleagues and I echo those 3 important lessons, for me the most important is the last one-Lift it all to Him.

    Have a great weekend and thank you for visiting my blog. Goodluck with your new job and God bless.

  4. Beverly, the next few weeks will be bittersweet for you. Leaving your old friends and creating new relationships. I'm sure, though, that things will work out for the best. Good luck on your new job!

  5. @Misalyn: I guess my struggle to let them like me on a professional level partly caused my resignation =), whatever it means. Thank you too for dropping by.

    @Ayie: Dito pa rin sa Dubai, in a company serving "demanding environments" like Afghanistan.

    @Keith: Thanks a lot. Yes, I agree. This now to be my fifth employment here in Dubai (in 5 years, =) ), I take it more as an opportunity to meet new friends. For the previous colleagues, I am just glad facebook is there keeping us connected.

  6. Beverly, I agree with you, dito sa Dubai magaling ang mga pinoy but its true that we lack confidence, and those ideas are being rob by people o ibang lahi na magaling bumoka. Kaya kapag meron kang good idea keep it to yourself and practice how to let it out to the right person and at the right time.


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