Red on Clear Glass

February 18, 2010

Nag-iinit na ako! At pinipilit pa ako ng asawa ko!

Hep, hep, hep! Bago lumayo ang imagination ninyo - pinipilit po akong ubusin yung red wine sa jigger glass =)

Aint it funny? A husband teaching the wife to wine? But yes I guess I need to appreciate wine, or liquor now, so we could at least advance on our social life. I am now browsing "how to enjoy wine", and "what's nice with wine". Can someone please tell me?

I have never liked alcohol no matter I tried to sneak from my dad's wine or share what friends are having. In our recent company party at Atlantis, booze was overflowing and all I did was pretend holding my glass of red wine.  

From my Bahrain trip, I bought four liquor bottles (maximum allowable) from Duty Free. My husband upon seeing them smirked they are for ladies -- Bailey's, Smirnoff and red wine. I'd self-declare achievement if I get to 'enjoy' at least 300 ml from all four bottles =)

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