Young but older at Thirty One

February 21, 2010

My Gremlin finds joy in blowing birthday candles. So he seems to be 31 here, but it's his dad's birthday cake.

As gift, I thought to grant my husband's yearning for a really relaxing massage. But he has yet to be happy to have it. I'm a bit sick and he massaged me instead =) . I know he's patient to wait until I can, so until then, I offer this blog post to my Gremlin's dad :

I am greatly blessed as my husband's better half.
My gratefulness can only be enough
When I give back my whole life to him.
How can I describe, but say
In keeping us well and safe,
He's ready to die for me and for our son,
(but of course, I'll not let him do it!)
he surrendered himself, his love and his life.

It is not his aim,
But he is my Superman,
He knows no obstacles
To please me, to make me happy.

His family is his every minute,
How many a husband would have to giveup the social glitz
And make his wife and son his sunrise to sunrise?
My loving husband is one!

It's been like ages
since I first greeted him happy birthday
(this is the first after a dozen years)

And I'll not say he's gotten so old,
(that would reflect on me too! )

Happy birthday my dear =)

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  1. Happy birthday to your sweet husband, and i am wishing him a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

    God bless your family.


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