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The Best Things in Life are Free

March 25, 2010

I'm so happy to share this dancing fountain video taken at Dubai Mall. I hope you see and like it =)
Some of the good things in Dubai comes free, including these daily performances at the foot of the world's tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. Covering an area of about two football fields and water spewed the height of a 50-storey building, approximately four-minute shows come every 20 to 30 minutes everyday (please visit their website by clicking HERE for exact schedules).

We think the best free view is beneath Burj Khalifa, fronting Souk Al Bahar.

We  like the top view from the balcony of TGI Fridays (one needs to book in advance though. Everybody wants it and took us an hour to wait)


The Gremlin insists we park at the rooftop of Fashion Avenue. He likes the twirling/ spiral drive up-and-down the ten-level parking. This also makes it easier to reach our viewing spot via the service lift. 

(There's vast un-exploited parking space here fellow Dubai peeps. At 6pm, we were the only car parked yesterday.)

Oh, if you still had not enough, here is another Swahilian repertoire - the Baba Yetu:

This post is my way to thank Emaar for redefining our Gremlin's weekly mall experience.

All about our Superman

Gremly Big Screen

March 18, 2010

How do you fancy (or shall I say dread? =) ) seeing a movie with a kid who asks you why-s and what-s all along?

It's the Gremlin's first movie house experience yesterday at Dubai Mall via Alice in Wonderland in 3D. His height (103 cm) spared him from paying the fee albeit he was on his dad's lap then shared with my seat. Each 3D ticket costs AED45.

It's hubs and I's second cinema trip in our five-six years here in UAE (shamefully yes, I am declaring it). I'm abnormally unlike everybody else, lolz -- while hubs and friends chat and exchange paperbacks and movies I stay at the sidelines. I worked with a leading Pay TV company and while I know who produced what titles/ series, I got smirked at for lacking product knowledge =) because I dont watch them. I just make excuses of "ask me about kids channels, I can discuss with you".

I suffered headaches and eyepains the past two days brought by my frustrations on my self. Amidst my persistence to deliver correctly, I failed. I could only be thankful, I was given two weeks to correct them (massive error). I need to re-charge, and that's costly =) . Dinner at Ribs and Rumps then a movie.

Alice in Wonderland is a great-see and a stress buster. If you're going with your kid, expect these questions from him/ her as the Gremlin asked:

   Why the cat is not saying meow?
   Why he has no hat?
   Why is she shouting?
   Why is she big?
   Why she's not home?
   Why she's growing up?
   Why is the head big?

And expect shifting your neck down your kid occasionally like this:

Thank you for the visit and may we have a restful weekend =)

All about our Superman

Confused sumbungero

March 11, 2010

March 2, 2010
Dad and son dropped by Karama Center (the pinoy center it seems) for some pinoy street food.

Dad: Kalel, let’s go eat fish ball
(silence, the Gremlin seems to be thinking)
Dad: Kalel, do you like to eat fishball?
Gremlin: But how are going to eat balls papa?


March 4, 2010
I asked to be fetched from work. As always, Gremlin and his dad waited for me for some 30 minutes down the building.

Gremlin: Why are we waiting? It's not good to wait!
Me: (laughing) Sorry, baby!
The conversation continues...
Gremlin: (making sumbong to me) Mama, Papa is always getting mad. Papa pinch(ed) my ears. (Hahaha, sorry my dear, I am putting this down, was just too eager to record our son's way of getting sides. Of course, you did not pinch his ears hard!)
Me: Because you are so makulit and not behaving (nothing beats the Gremlin's being hyper-active, if it could bring world peace, then we could send his energy to Iraq or Afghanistan to contribute!)

All about our Superman

Gremly Tweets - February 2010

March 11, 2010

"Mama, you cannot bite me, I am too small", Gremlin told me after me saying "I bite but you cannot bite anybody including me" Feb 19th, 2010

Hearing the Gremlin talk, the girlafter me in the cashier asked: "Nag-aaral na ba sya?". The proud mom answered sweetly: "hindi pa =) " Feb 16th, 2010

I can hear uncle perton is teaching the Gremlin letter pronunciations. Is he affective? I dont mind as long as my Gremlin listens =) Feb 13th,2010

"If you never rescue me, we will never open you!" huh? Gremlin playing with his dad... Feb 12th,2010 I was transferring ice cubes noisily.

Gremlin said: "Do not be noisy mama, only quiet!" Feb 12th, 2010

"Great job! we made it past the bridge to the other side!" the Gremlin exclaimed as we crossed the excavation at Al Rigga. (Dora or Disney?) Feb 9th, 2010

Gremlin met his dad (who was away for two hours) at the door. Said: "Papa you missed me!" and the Gremlin gave the dad a hug. hmmm =) Feb 9th, 2010

It's been a week of drinking his before-and-after-sleep milk from the cup. (Our kids can do what we encourage and believe them to be) Feb 6th, 2010

It's been two weeks of no-nappies-on-bedtime for the Gremlin. He woke up insisting to pee as we forgot to put his nappy before he hit bed. Feb 6th, 2010

I asked to be fetched from Atlantis last night, Gremlin told his dad: "We are going to bring mama back home, papa?" Feb 4th, 2010

I have been in Bahrain three days two nights, the Gremlin told his dad: "Mama dont know how to go home" =) Feb 3rd, 2010

All about our Superman

Why oh why are you asking why-s?

March 11, 2010

Mama, why are you tying your hair?
Why are you wearing that?

(the newspaper)
Papa, why are you getting that?
Why are you opening it?
Why are you reading it?

Why are you not talking to me?
Why is papa mad at me?
Why are you not coming to my rug?

I guess every mom or dad awaits the time to witness the inquisitive-ness of their li'l ones. But beware, when it comes, be ready.

Yeah, that's how our talkative Gremlin is. One why follows another, and honestly at first we just kept saying "I dont know" as we wish he'd realize to take a break from asking questions. He later was answering us back "I dont know, I tell you later!", which got us back at properly answering his questions.

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