The Best Things in Life are Free

March 25, 2010

I'm so happy to share this dancing fountain video taken at Dubai Mall. I hope you see and like it =)
Some of the good things in Dubai comes free, including these daily performances at the foot of the world's tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. Covering an area of about two football fields and water spewed the height of a 50-storey building, approximately four-minute shows come every 20 to 30 minutes everyday (please visit their website by clicking HERE for exact schedules).

We think the best free view is beneath Burj Khalifa, fronting Souk Al Bahar.

We  like the top view from the balcony of TGI Fridays (one needs to book in advance though. Everybody wants it and took us an hour to wait)


The Gremlin insists we park at the rooftop of Fashion Avenue. He likes the twirling/ spiral drive up-and-down the ten-level parking. This also makes it easier to reach our viewing spot via the service lift. 

(There's vast un-exploited parking space here fellow Dubai peeps. At 6pm, we were the only car parked yesterday.)

Oh, if you still had not enough, here is another Swahilian repertoire - the Baba Yetu:

This post is my way to thank Emaar for redefining our Gremlin's weekly mall experience.

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  1. Spectacular photos and videos! Do hope we could be blessed to visit Dubai again in the future :) Thanks for sharing! It brought back many happy memories.

  2. Wow! Breath-taking view sis.

    Lots of love,

  3. Ang galing talaga diyan sa Dubai - and we all thought na you had to spend a fortune to have fun in that city. Thanks for sharing this.

    By the way, the Burj Al Khalifa is so beautiful.

  4. Manang, I like the way you took the photos.. I've been trying many times to have it that way using my digital camera but without success. Are you using SLR?

  5. @ Golden - Thank you =)
    @Pinky and Keith - Dubai could really be expensive, but there are still ways to go around and spend less. It makes a difference though that you drive your own car. Then, it's just a choice of how much you are willing to spend. Like, we dont eat out unless using our Entertainer and Gulf News books of buy-one-take-one vouchers. If you happen to drop by Dubai, please let us know if you need someone to drive you around, we'd love to =).
    @Yoshikuzu - hihi, I hope I have an SLR. Remember that photo you took of Kalel with the camera? It's that that I used. Do you mean the Burj photo? I think it's just finding the right spot to take it from. This one's from just below it (viewing space, right most side with the mall at your back), and positioning the camera low enough.

  6. I love free shows. Very nice photos too! :D

    Now I am more interested in checking Dubai out.

  7. Hi sis! Thanks for dropping me a comment. Actually I'm really trying my best to discipline myself when it comes to surfing at home. I make sure to surf only when my baby is asleep. Nakokonsensya rin kasi ako pag nagsusurf ako tapos yung anak ko naglalaro kasama yung yaya sa living room. :|

    Lots of love,

  8. That is a nice view indeed! day makakabisita rin kami sa Dubai =)

  9. I've watched the fountain show once pa lang. I'll take note of dining in TGIF for a better view.


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