Confused sumbungero

March 11, 2010

March 2, 2010
Dad and son dropped by Karama Center (the pinoy center it seems) for some pinoy street food.

Dad: Kalel, let’s go eat fish ball
(silence, the Gremlin seems to be thinking)
Dad: Kalel, do you like to eat fishball?
Gremlin: But how are going to eat balls papa?


March 4, 2010
I asked to be fetched from work. As always, Gremlin and his dad waited for me for some 30 minutes down the building.

Gremlin: Why are we waiting? It's not good to wait!
Me: (laughing) Sorry, baby!
The conversation continues...
Gremlin: (making sumbong to me) Mama, Papa is always getting mad. Papa pinch(ed) my ears. (Hahaha, sorry my dear, I am putting this down, was just too eager to record our son's way of getting sides. Of course, you did not pinch his ears hard!)
Me: Because you are so makulit and not behaving (nothing beats the Gremlin's being hyper-active, if it could bring world peace, then we could send his energy to Iraq or Afghanistan to contribute!)

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  1. Cute Gremlin! Can't wait for my Jamjam to speak like that.

    Lots of love,

  2. Gremlin is right,, how can you eat a ball? =)


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