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March 18, 2010

How do you fancy (or shall I say dread? =) ) seeing a movie with a kid who asks you why-s and what-s all along?

It's the Gremlin's first movie house experience yesterday at Dubai Mall via Alice in Wonderland in 3D. His height (103 cm) spared him from paying the fee albeit he was on his dad's lap then shared with my seat. Each 3D ticket costs AED45.

It's hubs and I's second cinema trip in our five-six years here in UAE (shamefully yes, I am declaring it). I'm abnormally unlike everybody else, lolz -- while hubs and friends chat and exchange paperbacks and movies I stay at the sidelines. I worked with a leading Pay TV company and while I know who produced what titles/ series, I got smirked at for lacking product knowledge =) because I dont watch them. I just make excuses of "ask me about kids channels, I can discuss with you".

I suffered headaches and eyepains the past two days brought by my frustrations on my self. Amidst my persistence to deliver correctly, I failed. I could only be thankful, I was given two weeks to correct them (massive error). I need to re-charge, and that's costly =) . Dinner at Ribs and Rumps then a movie.

Alice in Wonderland is a great-see and a stress buster. If you're going with your kid, expect these questions from him/ her as the Gremlin asked:

   Why the cat is not saying meow?
   Why he has no hat?
   Why is she shouting?
   Why is she big?
   Why she's not home?
   Why she's growing up?
   Why is the head big?

And expect shifting your neck down your kid occasionally like this:

Thank you for the visit and may we have a restful weekend =)

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  1. Naku, I can so relate with this story (multiplied by 3x since tatlo ang gremlins namin). Medyo it is very seldom that my wife and I can watch a movie in peace. Pero, what can we do? No choice naman when you do not have people to babysit for you.

    Cute naman when your son ask why the cat was not meowing. Hope we can watch Alice soon.

  2. I can't wait for my Jamjam to ask me simple-yet-hard-to-answer questions. Hubby and I haven't watched a 3d film yet. Tsk-tsk. We're saving up kasi. It's not cheap to watch 3d films here in Baguio. Right now, we just satisfy ourselves watching films from pirated blu-ray disks. Hehe.

    Re: I hate to say this but there's nothing special with this year's strawberry festival. Yung mga stalls sa Market Encounter sila rin lang yung nandun sa harap ng municipal hall. Tsk-tsk.

    Lots of love,

  3. Glad to see you and your son and it sounds like a happy family bonding moment sa panonood ng movie. Usually tayong mga parents hindi masyadong makapag enjoy na manood ng movie kapag kasama ang kids kasi we need to answer their questions lalo na pag toddler pa lang..super kulit at sobrang inquisitive.

    Hope you're okay na sa ngayon. No more headaches and eyepains.

  4. funny! i can totally relate to this! gear up for some more! also, prepare yourself to leave the theater halfway because the little one does not like the movie! he he!

  5. The first movie experience with our 3-year old was smooth. Maybe because he'd seen the movie on DVD a few times already before watching it on the big screen =)

  6. My nieces -- I've no kids yet! -- are a reverse of your kid. They don't ask questions -- they blurt out remarks like: Ay, ba't ganun?! Ay, mali yata un! -- the sort.

    Cute sa una pero after some time, I get peeved -- slightly. (Bata un no?).

    I am a sucker for movies, pero I read first the review before I see them.


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