Why oh why are you asking why-s?

March 11, 2010

Mama, why are you tying your hair?
Why are you wearing that?

(the newspaper)
Papa, why are you getting that?
Why are you opening it?
Why are you reading it?

Why are you not talking to me?
Why is papa mad at me?
Why are you not coming to my rug?

I guess every mom or dad awaits the time to witness the inquisitive-ness of their li'l ones. But beware, when it comes, be ready.

Yeah, that's how our talkative Gremlin is. One why follows another, and honestly at first we just kept saying "I dont know" as we wish he'd realize to take a break from asking questions. He later was answering us back "I dont know, I tell you later!", which got us back at properly answering his questions.

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