At the World's Tallest Tower: Burj Khalifa at Day

April 26, 2010

Riding the elevator down 124 floors in one minute in Burj Khalifa - the world's tallest tower, gave me ear-ache. And except that, the experience was a hit.

A trip gives a 360-degree view of Dubai until the eyes can reach. Let me take you to a quick tour.

Downtown Burj and the Dubai Mall lake where the fountain shows are, turns like miniature replicas.

This is the Business Bay. A vast desert now turned into man-made lakes and buildings to long flyovers.

Towards the beach lines are the man-made The World and Palm Deira islands. I wonder if these will see completion as projected even when The Palm Jumeirah where Atlantis is, isn’t even completed (will take you there in my next posts).

The road below leads to Dubai Media City and Abu Dhabi. The towering structures were not there when I first came here in Dubai five years ago.

See how they need to put overlapping roads to contain traffic. This is popularly referred to as Defense Roundabout or First Interchange by taxi drivers.

It's Sheikh Zayed Road towards Trade Center. This is within the Dubai Financial Center which they say has the most expensive office spaces in Dubai.

Along Al Wasl Road, the villas look like this.

The black smoke at the far end is from a burning factory in Sharjah.

This is viewing from inside the tower.

There’s also a “ terrace” outside. Part of the glass walls got some openings that lets you float out your arms. We got scolded for letting our Gremlin pose in this upper picture:

After two hours of sights and wandering up there, we headed to the elevator, which has a cue. Wondering how the elevator looks like inside?

And the halls leading to the exit are full of materials telling about the tower, including this wall poster of people who took part in it's realization. This guy at the right must be proud to be there. A Igorot I was told.

And lastly, who would not think that the tower has been offered to Abu Dhabi when it “bailed out” Dubai? The inscription says Burj Dubai. Yes dearies, up until the launch, everyone was calling it Burj Dubai, then stunned everybody that it has been renamed Burj Khalifa, after Abu Dhabi’s ruler and UAE President.

If you haven’t been into the experience yet, here’s some random notes you might consider:
  • Fee is AED100/ adult and AED75/ child above three years for advance bookings.
  • Otherwise, fee is AED400 for immediate admission
  • Tickets are sold at the lower ground level of Dubai Mall
  • Check their website for other details
  • People and bags are scanned at the entrance (just like at airports).
  • They take your picture at the entrance to sell to you later. (I forgot, sort of AED60-100) in your exit
  • Food is not allowed inside
  • Bring chewing gum during the elevator ride
  • There is no maximum time to stay at the top
  • We were there for a good two hours
  • No food is sold up there so be sure not to get hungry in the next two hours which could force you to leave earlier
  • Photographers are available for somewhat AED 150/ two photos (I cant exactly remember, but that expensive so dont forget your camera.)
The Gremlin still asks us to revisit: “Mama and Papa, we’ll go to Burj Khalifa next time again?”. When we’ll have extra, then maybe we’ll view the fountain shows at night from up there =)

And by the way, the Gremlin's question for the day was "Why are the cars small?"

To say we went to the world's tallest tower (to date) was an experience.

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  1. Wow, thanks for briging us into this incredible adventure. I never thought Dubai is developed and as beautiful as this!

    Damn, just look at all those sand.

    Now I learned something new. Alam ko na ngayon ang tawag sa tallest tower. Burj Khalifa pala. Haha salamat sa impormasyon!

  2. Waa! Nahilo ako sa view. LOL. Baka kung ako nandyan eh nagfaint na ako. LOL. I'm afraid of heights, tsk-tsk. Grabe pala 'no? Super developed na ang Dubai. Those tall buildings are marvelous! Si baby nyo super enjoy ah. Hehe.

    Lots of love,

  3. Thanks for the tour! Great view, great shot and great details. And wow, from 124th floor going down! Sa 40th floor pa nga lang sakit na tenga, lalo na kaya dyan! =)

  4. Wow, the observation deck reopened na pala. Been planning to go there. =)

  5. It's awesome, I hope i could have a chance to visit Dubai, it was in mid 2004 when I last visited Dubai and Ras Al-Kaimas.

    Thank you for the tour, thanks for sharing this post.

    God bless you and your family.

  6. beautiful family! Mukhang ang ganda sa Dubai sana makapunta din kami someday

  7. Thanks for the tour. Hindi pa ako nakakapunta dyan hanggang tingin lang muna mula sa baba ng Burj Khalifa kasi ang haba ng 'pila' ng mga gustong makapunta dyan.

    Ang cute ng baby mo and talagang nag enjoy sya.

  8. amazing view from the top and the family looks happy with all smiles. happy weekend.

  9. Beverly, wow! I enjoyed that - too bad the Burj was still being constructed when we were there in 2008. Hope to see this wonderful structure one day.


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