Gremly Money Talk

April 08, 2010

"Mama, Papa lost money..." came my Gremlin soon as I sat in the car when they fetched me from work today.

His dad went on say that the Gremlin told him "Don't worry papa, we'll find the lost money". Then the dad: "But I lost them in the internet". Gremlin: "We find it in the internet! But how are we going to find it in the internet?"

The dad just started forex trading, and he thought he got himself unguarded on the Greece economy thing, hence losing now on the Euro- USD trading.

 He had traded all his $ on the Euro and is losing them, letting him learn the lesson of financial management's stand on portfolio diversification. That is, mitigating risk by putting money in different pots for lose some and win some scenarios.

Have you tried forex trading too?

( It's weekend here again in the sandpit =) Happy weekend friends!)

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  1. Oh no, I hope he didn't lose much? Forex sounds sophisticated and complex to me. I'd rather invest money in real estate =) Happy weekend!!

  2. Nope because I don't know to, and I don't have enough to play with. Hehe.

    Tama si Gremlin. You lost it on the internet, you will find it too here. (Spoken like I know what I'm saying, pero sa totoo lang hindi. There are a lot of ways of earning from the internet. Siguro losing your money on the internet is the way to let you find ways of recouping it from the internet).

  3. @ mumsified - for him $500 is much for a starter =) though I just keep assuring him it doesnt matter to me, it's part of his learning process. By then, he'll know if he can handle forex trading, otherwise he'll have to quit =)... Forex do seem sophisticated (I dont understand it till now =) ), kaya nga husband is starting to live and sleep trading.
    @ Nebz - yep, I agree he loses so he will learn how he can better understand the trade. Differently though, forex trading is simply gambling =)

  4. would love to try forex trading, is it the same with stock market trading. don't worry about the $500 it's just paper loss (for now) :)

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  5. Haven't tried forex trading sis. It sounds complicated to me. I hope your husband will get all the money he lost.

    Lots of love,


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