Ski Dubai -- Where it snows in the desert all year round

April 02, 2010

Oh so, this is snow living! We visited Ski Dubai Thursday night and I got excited entering the minus 3 degrees celsius snow park.

Our Entertainer vouchers allowed us 50% discount off only at the Snow Park, but I guess that was enough for a snow experience (there's the more expensive Super Pass). For the four of us, we paid AED200 (US$55) entry fees, AED 20 locker fees and bought mittens/ gloves, being mandatory to avoid frost bite.

The entry fee includes the rental of snow jackets, trousers, boots and helmets. I didnt wear the helmets and I dreaded not doing so =)

The ski slope is only allowed for expert ski-ers so we just watched.

 Please let me take you through our experience =)

The rides
Some family pixs here

 The cave

Gremly sledging (now you know who's teaching the li'l boy to be a gremlin) 

Cheesy-ness =)

And lastly, here's just after removing our snow gear. Please look closer, the Gremlin is dark but his cheeks got real red. This reminded me how we Baguio settlers, Igorots in particular, get to have red cheeks because of the cold Baguio air.

By the way, because I did not wear head gear, I got my head so cold that when we got out the snow park, I did not like the sensation sort of cold and hot stones slugging each other inside my head =)

I posted 63 of our photos in facebook and got this comment from friend Helen. They had the Super Pass, hence more access to the snow park:

She said: kung nasa labas lang na nanonood sa mga nasa loob ng ski dubai, nag eenjoy na ako, pag nasa loob syempre doble ang saya :-) ...di ko pa sinubukan sa iba kasi parang takot ako bobsled parang ayaw ko na ulitin.. sa chairlift ako nag enjoy tapos painit konti sa avalanche.... at yung paikot ikot lng sa loob okey na okey na sa akin, para din akong batang sumusigawwww sa chairlift.... saya saya di ba?....

It's another great weekend. Happy Easter!

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  1. Wow! Glad to see these fun photos. Cute ng baby mo and mukhang makulit :) Tibay mo ah , hindi ka talaga naglagay ng head gear, parang ako nung second time naming pumunta hahaha. Super lamig talaga..brrrrrrr!

  2. At least you even went a step further than us - you actually went in! We chose to view the action from the outside as I was a bit worried that the kids might get sick if we went in due to the extremes in temperature. Glad to see y'all had fun! Happy Easter!

  3. What a lot of fun!!! I'd love to experience the snow too. =)

  4. Great to know a fellow Igorot in Dubai :). Mom's from Sagada. Great to see your family enjoying snow. Belated Happy Easter.

    If you don't mind, I'll add your link to my list.

  5. I'm glad you had a fun time. Been there thrice (at reasonable intervals) and each time they make improvements. During my last visit, we had the Super Pass. The killer slide was the most exciting for me, second was the chairlift.

    It's good that they put a coffee stand on the ground level, dati wala yun.

  6. Kakainggit naman! Never experienced snow (or fake snow for that matter, Haha!) in my life. Looks like Gremlin had so much fun. Look at those red cheeks! Sooo adorable!

    Lots of love,

  7. Literally, a "cool" activity - Lol!

    I wish we went inside Ski Dubai. Looks like a really fun place to go to.

    Funny, how your little gremlin got the rosy cheeks - true blue Igorot talaga. It reminded me so much of our summer vacations in Baguio.


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