At three: Gremlin Defies the Words

May 19, 2010

If our family is a political arena, the Gremlin well holds the opposition seat.Negating what we say is already part of his system. For example:

Us: Kalel get out there, you’ll fall! (he loves trooping the coach backrest)
Gremlin: No, I will not fall down!

Us: Kalel, I get mad if you do that again.
Gremlin: No, you will not get mad... (saying it sweetly)

Me to his dad: Shall I give Kalel one chocolate?
Gremlin: No, two chocolates... (again sweetly)

Unlike in the political scene though where word war brews, hearing him makes us smile, wondering what's in a three year old's mind causing that attitude. I just dont know if it's the same story when he gets older =)

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  1. funny, that sounds like my niece when she was younger, but she's more obedient now that she's in high school.

  2. I guess kids their age are like that. Si EJ ganun din. Hayy, ang kulet! =)

  3. Kids like him are said to be "matalino". Hehe. He's just three? He's big for his age, ha.

    Lots of love,

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