At Three : The Gremlin is missing on playmates

May 23, 2010

At three, my Gremlin pedals his bike, plays the psp, slides with his Heeley's wheeled shoes, and even plays  computer games -- ones I had not experienced as a child.

Mine was at the creek swimming with fellow kids and shooting crabs, getting lost in the mountain gathering wild fruits. Dusk meant playing hide and seek. Rubberbands, 'teks' (those 1.5 inches cards), jackstones were the likes of what I knew.

This meant I grew and knew communal living early on, in the sense of give-and-take. An irony with my son who is happier doing things just by himself or by one-way attention from a playmate. He'd rather play with adults though and tends to not care of other kids around.

I guess this is a big drawback of desert living. A playmate for our son is a costly decision which we had been denying him. Say, we cant afford living in upscale communities where playgrounds abound. Say, we cannot afford expensive play schools where we have more confidence of. Or say, we thought we cant withstand living for so long away from him and letting him stay back home in Baguio.

We could have sent him to affordable schools but we thought it's too early for him at three years old. So hopefully, he'll understand socialization when he enters school come Sept-2010.

In the picture below, the kids at the background ran to and sat near us. They all started singing familiar nursery rhymes when the Gremlin (in jeans, back against camera) approached them. But instead of joining, he shouted:

Gremlin, shouting: "Stop it! It's noisy"
Me: "Kalel, come here dont say that" (I apologized to the other kids and the Gremlin came to me)
Gremlin came nearer, but both hands clasped to his ears!
Gremlin: " But mama they are noisy!"

Ironically again, much as he cares less of other kids, it's as much also that he demands attention from me and his dad. He always forcibly pulls my arms insistently "Mama please please please please let us play". (I'm not exagerating). Reversely, we find excuses to lessen playtime with him. 

The other night, we played cards. He likes lining the cards and also forming letters with them. But I thought it's boring (hmmmp, bad me) just watching him that way. Anyways, I started showing him two cards, asked which has more spades/ flowers/ diamonds in it. I flipped them backside up so he cant see and I asked him to guess the higher numbered card. Higher number means I dance and play with him, else smaller number entitles me to get back to my laptop until he finishes counting until 20 twice. (it's my short break!)

Long story short -- we are in this point understanding what it means to rear our son in Dubai. Definitely there's something missing. Whatever is the solution I believe we'll get to that. Yup =)
Anyways, Dubai's climate is now really soaring hot. One place we run to on weekend sunsets is this lawn across Dubai mall. It's rather comfy cool rather than being outdoors near buidlings where air circulation is suppressed.

Then as darkness sets in, the fountain shows start.

Isn't it a great way to spend sunsets?

May everyone have a great week ahead!

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  1. He'll overcome that as long as you won't give up on him. My childhood was more of an introvert thing (I'd rather be by myself aka loner)but when my parents noticed it, they never stopped sending me to summer classes where i'll have more chances to socialize. I didn't like parties but they carry me along. Even sending me to my grannies during vacations.In the end, it worked. It's only now I regret not going out and make foolishness during those days.

  2. i feel for you, it's hard to live abroad isn't? so expensive we have to pay for everything. you always have great pictures of Dubai, i was just looking at it on the map the other day.

  3. The way they play is 180 degrees different from yesteryears'. Kaya nakakatuwa when they still get to try luksong tiniw and others.

  4. oh yes, i still remember growing up and most of my days were spent playing with the cousins and other kids. my nephews and nieces are more on computers and video games.

  5. That's a lovely place to hang out. Buti nga meron dyan. Dito, the parks are full of joggers, people playing badminton, etc so you cannot chill and hang out.


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