Gremly Pee and Poop Story

May 05, 2010

Trusting our Gremlin's ability to be COMPLETELY "weaned" off from diapers had been rather late for us.

At a little past two years old, he started to be without diapers during daytime at home. Outside the house, he had nappies for convenience sake.

Starting 32 months when he was back home (Baguio), his grannies completely weaned him off of daytime nappies. I can only remember being told of they had to buy him new pants at Tiongsan because he pooped there while they were shopping =) . And, a bit off but funny, his auntie tintin had photos of his poop at the terrace.

It was only at 3.5 years  old (January 2010), that accidentally we forgot to put his night nappies. From bed at dawn, he walked to the toilet by himself. It was at this time I started to compose a blog post saying our kids are capable of responsibilities we dont realise they are, and it's just a matter of showing them our trust and support that they can. That blog post however just remained a draft (bad me).

From that time, his Drypers nappies hadnt had a movement out the cabinet. It took some adjustments though until he almost completely not wet the bed at night. We give his milk an hour before bed time so as to minimise wet beds. Around Feb-10 and early Mar-10, we set our alarm to wake him for the toilet. Lately, we bring him to the toilet only when he moans. And that could be none to thrice a night =)

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