Gremly Poop Story

May 05, 2010

Next is my Gremlin's poop journal.

I guess it could be wrong teasing our toddlers that poop are bad for their smell. I think this caused the Gremlin to be so shy to let anybody see him poop.

At two years when he started not using his daytime nappies, it could be rather frustrating that soon as we put his night nappies he would poop.

At three years, he need to lock himself alone in the toilet before he let out.
During mall trips, soon as I take out his pants, I stay out the door until he calls me when he's done. It got some persuading for me to carry him (his back against my chest) in the mall toilet while he poop, and he would say "Mama close your eyes", and I would pretend.

Until now he still locks himself in the toilet and sometimes shout "Mama and papa do not see me" while inside.

Now, I guess his next milestone would be when he gets to clean his poop by himself =)

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  1. Hahaha, natawa ako. My EJ doesn't want us inside the toilet too. He'd say, "go out mom and close the door". Then he'll just call me if he's finished. =)


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