How a Gremlin Nurtured Us

May 18, 2010

I’ll be running catch-up posts on our Gremlin before he turns four years old soon. Speak about backlogs, I have three years of mommyhood stories. Even my Gremly Tweets did not show much update lately.

The li’l Gremlin is sure growing fast and I have this fear that he’ll not be as funny later as he is now.

Funny in terms of his innocent mischievousness that makes me shriek, then I mellow down realizing he is just a creature just past his toddler stage.

Funny -- that invokes my usual expression on him which he cant understand: “Nalalaing ka manen!” (Ilokano, sort of “You think you’re smarter again!”. He blabbers alot, one where his dad scolds me when I sweetly tell him: “Kalel can you please shut up for awhile?”

Then there’s this nostalgia every time I chance on his baby pictures. I miss the chubbiness, I miss the baby bossiness, I miss the sweetness (It’s always mama for him =) ). I miss the attention from strangers too (even taking photos and asking to carry him). And etc, etc…

I miss those baby giggles and smiles.

What's on your mind baby? @ five months

Father and son talk @ five months

And how he smiles @ six months
Each day of our li’l ones will be different tomorrow. We must not regret missing on giving the infinite love as our definition of fulfillment not just for us as parents but for our little ones as well.

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  1. Oh yes, our kids seem to grow up too soon and how we sometimes wish we could delay time a bit to keep them so young and innocent...

  2. so cute. i agree. kids do grow up so fast. sooner or later, the Gremlin will be heading school :).


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