My Mom is the Best !

May 08, 2010

My son just sang Happy Mother's Day to you to the tune of the Happy Birthday jingle. Then he said "You're the best mama in the whole wide world forever!" If his watching the tv taught him this, I can feel how he loves me to be true of what he said =)

Our Gremlin is always a wonder to us. It's like God's hands are on us. That, when he was a year old, I wrote this in my Friendster shoutout:

Being Kalel's mom is my greatest reward yet and to be among my parents' greatest reward is always a challenge.

I want to be the most loving mom to my son as a way to give back to my parents. Having my own child made me ponder on the my parents' sacrifices to us their seven children. Since it's Mother's Day today, I want to tell the whole world how God loves me through my self-less Mama. She's a big, stout Mama physically =) and that describes her love to us. I can never equal her sacrifices, but yes, I promise to strive to be among her and Papa's greatest rewards.

Happy mother's day Mama Cute, as my daily text to you is, I lab yu!

Mama Cute and my Gremlin spotting butterflies at Burnham Park

Oh, Mama Cute is the shortest in height among us. When her white hairs dont show up and when she can reduce size, she can pass as our older sister. Naks!
Happy mother's day too to all wonderful moms out there =)

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  2. Happy mother's day ulit and to your Mama. Ang saya sayang tingnan ng second picture. All smiles, grin ata ang tama :) kayong lahat.

  3. happy mother's day to your cute Mom and of course, to you. i hope you had a wonderful week.

  4. Belated Happy mother's day! What a cute name you gave your mom =)

  5. how sweet naman your son. i, too would also like to be the best for my daughter but it's hard I think if you're working.

    nice pics.


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