Gremly Tweets - May 2010

June 24, 2010

The Gremlin's dad is back to work after some months. That I guess explains my long blogging break. He's just glad of the work but I'm not =( Hehe. It meant I'm back at ironing, laundry and those stuff added to my usual cooking share of the household chores. Heck, it's ok.

What rather bothers us more is on who'd look after the Gremlin as we both walk out the door five days a week. There are nannies around but then it's putting a little boy to suffer. He hits bed past midnight, and wakes at seven in the morning so we can drop him to the nanny. But, hopefully he'd have his own nanny here at home soon.

Oh, by the way, last week was the Gremlin's fourth birthday. Be blogging about that too later.

For now, I have to catch-up on the (looong overdue) May 2010 Gremly Tweets. Hehe, he was still three years old here: 

  • Watching the tv of a flaked road due to flooding, Gremlin said " We need a crane to fix it, tape it, glue it and it will be fixed" 2010 May 31st 
  • Just when he's past toddler stage, the Gremlin thumbsucks. We rubbed chili on his fingers and didnt mind him as he cried of chili sensation 2010 May 29th
  • Pity the Gremlin -- after seeing Neil and Nina sharing drawings, he whispered "Mama, I want to draw..." Oh when can he have playmates... 2010 May 29th
  • Gremly interest: creating shapes and stories out of highlighter pens -- arrows, house, castle, stairs... 2010 May 29th

  • "Where are we off to mama and papa?" the Gremlin asked. So hot here in the desert, un-inviting to take the Gremlin out on weekends... 2010 May 29th
  • Gremly Arts @ 2 yrs old
  •  I've not tended to Gremlin the past months-- bathing, milk, clean poop. Today he insisted twice: "No it's not you papa, it's mama's turn!" 2010 May 28th
  • Gremlin crying when fetched him at Mirdif CC, second time hurt there. First, hit below eyes, now kicked at the thighs. He doesnt fight back. 2010 May 25th
  • Over the phone, Gremlin: "I’m cutting papers. I still have many things I have to do." 2010 May 25th
  • Recently, the Gremlin slides his Heeley's shoes by himself, one foot ahead and arms spread. An exhibition -- he lifts one foot backwards... 2010 May 25th
  • Of the fishbones, I said: "You should not eat fishbones, it'll hurt your throat" as I point to my throat. Gremlin: "No, that's the neck!" 2010 May 24th
  • Gremlin: "It's not Christmas because there's no snow outside" Hayyy, he watches so much tv, he has illusions, no snow in the desert baby =) 2010 May 20th
  • Me: "Kalel do you like to walk around?" Gremlin: "Yes mama, we walk a square" ... It took us five seconds to realize before laughing... 2010 May 19th
  • The dad: "Find the cursor". Gremlin: "What's the cursor papa?. Dad:"The one that's blinking". Gremlin:" What's blinking?"... "There we go!" 2010 May 15th
  • The Gremlin now typing several lines of his first name on MS Word after insisting to do so. Excited and saying "There we go!" 2010 May 15th
  • Gremlin:" Papa, my hair is dry (of sweat so I can play water in the tub)". Dad:"No it's not!" Gremlin: "No papa, say yes! It's dry!" 2010 May 8th
  • Gremlin: "My kulangot got stuck on my nose... My kulangot stick on my fingers!" 2010 May 8th
  • The Gremlin coloured Baby Bop's head with interchanging light and dark green. He's starting to focus with crayons, but needs prodding. 2010 May 6th
  • Yesterday, the Gremlin keeps saying "Balu!" for "blue". The dad: "It's not balu Kalel!" Gremlin: "It is, papa!" 2010 May 2nd
  • Yesterday, we went to check United Private School for the Gremlin. The registrar toured him around and the Gremlin said he like school. 2010 May 2nd
  • Yesterday, I had my second haircut here in Dubai. Upon seeing me, the Gremlin said: "Wow mama! You are beautiful!" Hmmm... =) 2010 May 2nd
  • Last week I asked: "Kalel where's the bottle?" Gremly reply: "Find it yourself mama!" Huh? 2010 May 2nd

His happy and mad faces

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  1. Belated Happy birthday to Kalel! He's funny and clever. Love his lines! =)

  2. your boy is getting bigger. belated happy birthday.

    he seems to be an intelligent little man. i like his paintings. it looks like some of my daughter's works of art.

  3. Hi sis! It's so nice to read updates from your Gremlin. Wow! Kalel is one talented boy. Don't be surprise if he grows up to be an artist. :)

    Lots of love,

  4. Belated greetings for your son! It's so nice to look at those framed artworks. I guess he has a scrapbook, too? :)

  5. Hi dearie! Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to know that you enjoyed the Asin pictures. Nagpintas diay Asin. Ang ganda ng view.

    Lots of love,

  6. Gremlin's artworks are kinda cool. I bet he's going to grow up a smart kiddo.


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