Gremly Tweets - June 2010

July 26, 2010

The past three days were rather tiring, we forced to transfer to the new apartment (our contract ends 31st July 2010 in the previous apartment) since the Gremlin wont be having a nanny for the next three days. Our friend stays in the same new building with their baby’s nanny, and it’d be helpful if they are a door-knock away as we leave for work to entrust our Gremlin.

July’s almost over and I have June 2010 diary posts still pending. First catchup on the list is this June 2010 Gremly tweets.

Tweeting my son’s activities/ lines started when I realized at a certain point I cannot recall most of his SPECIFIC growth stages, activities and interests. I used to have a planner where I insert some notes about him, but stopped keeping past his first year.

Each day is a treasure seeing our kids grow, and what an overflowing treasure chest we'd accumulate if each day can be recalled =) For the Gremlin's dad and I, recalling our Gremlin's growing stages make us smile, feel good and realize what great blessing we have.

I wonder what other simple ways we may do to keep our diaries in this age?

"Thank you for the milk mama and papa. It tastes much better now!" Gremlin said. Hmm, milk is still Wyeth. It isn't Pfizer milk, is it?

I always call the Gremlin Baby or Little Boy. "You say me Kalel, mama" he called my attention as I addressed him by his name.

Gremlin: "The rainbow is coming from the treasure chest!"

Gremlin: "The egg is fragile!"

My Gremlin's birthday photos here:

Gremlin: "Can you please cheer me up?"

"Thanks uncle Dindin!" the Gremlin said.

The Gremlin at the arts room wrote his name as "KEALEL". I'm just proud since he could write although he hasnt seen school yet =) . 2010 Jun 19th

The Gremlin is so enthusiastic on the simulated plane at Kidzania, he kept saying "I can drive the airplane and land it to the airport!" 2010 Jun 19th

Since no party is to be prepared for the day, we treated the Gremlin to Kidzania as part of his birthday celebration... 2010 Jun 19th

Kalel's birthday lunch with just me and his dad is at Rain Forest Dubai Mall... 2010 Jun 19th

"Oh we forgot something, I did not blow my cake" the Gremlin said so we guided him to the hall where his 1st cake for the day is... 2010 Jun 19th

The Gremlin turns four =) He woke up of gifts, balloons and banner. He said " Thank you mama and papa for the presents"... 2010 Jun 19th

"I'm good at opening gifts" the Gremlin said of his birthday presents =) 2010 Jun 19th

We left the Gremlin in the room and headed out. Voila! he cut his bangs before his next hour scheduled barber visit =)

I came from work, saw the Gremlin lineup his reward choco-s/ goodies. Me:"You're not supposed to eat them." Gremlin: "But I'm hungry mama"

Gremlin grammar before 4 years old: " Papa, what song it is? 2010 Jun 18th

Gremlin pulls his stool to sit in front of his dad who's strumming the guitar: "You are great papa!" 2010 AM Jun 18th

In the office, it's nothing but football (world cup) while fellow Filipinos in FB either speak Lakers or Celtics and I just say "hmmm..." 2010 Jun 18th

Gremlin: " Can you please turn on the light so I can see my pupu?" 2010 Jun 16th

Gremlin while coloring Dora's face: "I dont want a dark face, I want a light color", then goes to the mirror to check his face =) 2010 Jun 16th

"Mama, I saw a little girl and I catch her!" came my Gremlin of his playtime from Dubai Outlet Mall. "Are u getting married soon?" I asked. 2010 Jun 12th

The heat outside slows down the Gremlin. He said: " Please dont walk a little faster!" 2010 Jun 12th

Gremlin: "Check your teeth mama, if it's broken you should fix it!" Oh broken word... 2010 Jun 9th

Bullying my son, he yelled "Help, help,somebody help me!" Hey baby, I thought you're my Superman, Kalel! =) 2010 Jun 7th

The un-schooled three year old Gremlin loves typing his name on MS Word, with different font colors... 2010 Jun 4th

Dark at night, he wore his sun glasses and said, "I can see very clear!" Too young to be too smart or rather to be liarly cunning? 2010 Jun 4th


May we all have a great week ahead =)

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  1. i understand the stress of moving. i hope you guys are settling well at the new place. make wonderful memories there with the Gremlin.

    kastoy, lunes manen. makapa-asar :(. don't feel like working.

  2. Kalel is so smart! You guys must be really proud of him.

    Hope you settle down in your new apartment soon.

  3. Gremlin made me smile today =) Hope you're settling in well.

  4. oh kalel you made my week happy:) by reading your miss you//auntie tintin's been working for 13 days without day off however when i read your tweets it makes relax//how's school kalel? big boy? ugh? or still mama's boy? hehehe//we miss you kalel//go home here in asin house so we go to tadiangan house we'll climb trees i know that you'll love it:) be safe there// auntie's,uncle's,lolo's,lola's cousin's loves you...mwuahhh//


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