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August 14, 2010

If keeping a Gremlin's diary- blog is graded, I guess I'll struggle to have  a passing mark =) . I'm almost two months delayed on his birthday post, so here it is.

Our Gremlin celebrated his fourth birthday in June this year, and he is still keeping us in awe. Indeed, we're always thankful for life's graciousness through our son.

The Gremlin's fourth birthday took a different definition this year. At the last minute we cancelled the Chowking reservation -- so our apologies for not celebrating with most of you. Nonetheless, it was an official and happy Kalel Day =)

His day started with balloons, banner (recycled from his last year's Baguio birthday), gifts and the first cake.

He woke up surprised of our greetings
We led him out the hall when he said "But wait mama and papa, we forgot something, my birthday cake!"
 Then for lunch, we were off to Rain Forest Café.
Rain Forest Cafe, Dubai Mall
Afternoon was spent at Kidzania. He became a pilot, a fireman, a race driver among others for awhile.
My li'l Emirates pilot
They shouted "Firefighters Kidzania!"
Then he blew his second and official Tigger and Pooh birthday cake during dinner at Fish and Co with aunts and uncles.

Second cake for the day baked by Rochelle whom
I came to know of online.
She makes really yummy "art-ful" cakes"
The Gremlin led the prayer at Fish and Co., Al Ghurair Mall
(btw, they've got very accommodating staff)
The birthday dinner at Fish and Co.
Shared the thanksgiving with aunts and uncles

All in all, the day was about our thanksgiving for our blessing, our Gremlin.

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  1. EJ's 4th bday was also celebrated in almost the same manner as Kalel. Only tito's and tito's were present. Not enough kids =)

  2. happy 4th birthday to Kalel. Late na no? I guess advanced happy 5th birthday na lang.

    I looovvvve that seafood kawali of Fish and Co. Nakakagutom tingnan.

  3. I guess one of the highlights of his birthday celebration were those moments spent in Kidzania. Rainforest Cafe's dishes are just okay. We are paying for the ambiance. ;)

    I remember when I was younger, I wouldn't believe it's my birthday unless I have a cake. Heehee.

  4. wow, looks like a fun celebration :). happy birthday to the gremlin.

    back then, my mom would just make spaghetti or fruit salad for the family and that's about it. simple, yet still fun.

  5. belated happy birthday to the gremlin!
    how fun! this is a good idea for RC's birthday.

    the seafood makes me hungry and the cake looks beautiful


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