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Deira Creek by night

September 28, 2010

Beyond its costly city brand, Dubai has inexpensive nice places to frequent, including the Dubai Creek side. This creek tells much about Dubai's history, culture, economy and tourist hub. 
It's one of our mall alternatives if we need a stroll and a breath of outside air. At night, the following are what I look forward going there: 
1) docked old cargo vessels with its resting crew.
2) Chinese guys showing off their "karate exercise". They weren't there this evening though.
3) well-lit dhow cruise boats sailing by.

Do check here some of the photos I took tonight.

Kalel's Lola Mommy seems to wonder why the dhow cruise boats are just docked on the other side.

I always recall Michael Palin's Dubai stop in his Around the World in 80 days whenever I see these cargo boats.

These carry everything from juices to cars finding their way out of the gulf

I wonder how I can withstand sailing in these for weeks

These crew signaled me to capture a photo of them

This li'l guy knows Atlantis so well he said: "I dont want to ride the car to Atlantis, can we ride the boat to go there?" 

We'll be riding the water taxi and abra (small passenger boat) in the weekend, do come back for the creekside daytime photos =)


Which face are you now?

September 23, 2010

Here in the United Arab Emirates, weekends fall on Fridays and Saturdays, Friday being the prayer day (like Sundays for Christians).

Hence, Sunday is typically the first working day of the week. My colleague made my day today in sending the facial expressions below supposedly depicting employee mood for each of the working days:

I wish you a happy Friday, friends!

I hope you have the happiest smile on you today for the week =)

Thinking Out Loud

A year of wasted photos

September 21, 2010

Am I too mean with my title above just to describe our broken Canon PowerShot SX200IS camera?

We bought it at AED 1600 or USD 436 last year, and I think the photo quality we got was equivalent to that of an AED 800 Sony point-and-shoot, that maybe because we didnt take effort to learn its features.

For lack-of-love for it (ooopps again), it seems, we didn't oppose our Gremlin turning it into his toy, which he later dropped and broke (sayang!).

Thinking about the replacement camera to buy has been the next question, so I did a facebook survey. I cropped here some of the comments:

We just came from the mall for the camera, and yep, the first photo above was taken with it.

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