A year of wasted photos

September 21, 2010

Am I too mean with my title above just to describe our broken Canon PowerShot SX200IS camera?

We bought it at AED 1600 or USD 436 last year, and I think the photo quality we got was equivalent to that of an AED 800 Sony point-and-shoot, that maybe because we didnt take effort to learn its features.

For lack-of-love for it (ooopps again), it seems, we didn't oppose our Gremlin turning it into his toy, which he later dropped and broke (sayang!).

Thinking about the replacement camera to buy has been the next question, so I did a facebook survey. I cropped here some of the comments:

We just came from the mall for the camera, and yep, the first photo above was taken with it.

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  1. I have that same camera (as photographed above). That's the one I carry on a normal day. Based on my experience, it takes very good shots and it has manual controls. That's why there are times I don't feel the need to bring my SLR (Canon, too). The powershot has been with me for a couple of years already. And I can see myself still depending on it (and SLR occasionally) until it gets old. :)

  2. i can't guess. i'm bad with cameras. i think i can handle only point and shoot ones. what i have is a nikon right now. i hope to see more photographs with your new camera.

    musta kayon dita?

  3. @Wits - Thanks a lot for your piece which makes it fair for Canon's Powershot =) I realized my bad review came from my lack of knowledge in using a camera, like adjusting apertures and what-yah-ma-call-its. I'm better off with the automatic settings of point-and-shoots.

    @Kayni - Nikon (like yours =) )was used for the photo. I'm excited too to use it and I do hope to have time sharing them. Mayat kami met ditoy, salamat for asking =) Nagrugi en bumaba temperature ket we hope to be back outdoors manen =)


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