Dubai's Beach Parks

October 20, 2010

We were at Jumeirah Beach Park last weekend. It seemed  like ages since I last stepped on it's sand. While the Gremlin  excitedly carried his bucket and sand castle things, I was ecstatic for nice pictures I would capture with the camera tucked in my bag. But have I forgotten! This is Dubai and strictly -- NO CAMERAs on beaches, whether on beach parks or at the open beach!

But shhhh, as with the others, I used my mobile phone for below photos:

More than anything, the thought of these blue skies relaxed me. It meant, cooler weather  is around the corner =)

Dubai's beaches are well regulated. Police cars/ beach patrols are always visible. Rules abound - no cameras, no alcohol, no animals, no "horniness" (have you came across the jailed Brit couple for allegedly doing s_x on the beach?). Look for the full list on the boards in case you need a guide which to avoid =)

By open beaches, it simply meant for me no green landscapes, no entrance fees, no barbeque/ grilling.

Beach parks (Jumeirah and Al Mamzar) meanwhile charge some AED 5 per person on entrance fees. And that's for access to among others -- kids playground; picnic areas, barbeque sites, volleyball or even basketball courts.

Dubai's weather at this time makes the best for beaches since it's not too hot to burn the skin, nor cold to make one sick =)

I wonder how is the beach season on other places now?

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  1. Now that that it's breezing again, time to hit the beach again. But we'll probably head on early next year pa. :) Ang hirap talaga magtake ng photos dito sa UAE lalo na pag may mga lokal sa background.

  2. You must have a great phone to have these beautiful photos =)

    It's always raining in this part of the world. Cguro malamig sa mga beaches dito =)

  3. nice new look for your blog. thanks for sharing this trivial least i won't be that ignorant he he :-)

  4. wow, they're so strict there. you took great photos. the beaches in hawaii are free and open, although there are designated nude beaches. most beaches there you can relax, take photos and just have fun.

  5. Why no picture taking allowed? That doesn't sound like a fun beach.


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