Foggy in the Desert

October 21, 2010

Waking up to foggy mornings (except during rainy season) is one among I miss of home in Baguio (Philppines).

So when Dubai gets engulf ed on foggy mornings, I feel like a lost kid so happy to be back home =)

Although unlike Baguio which gets foggy anytime of the day, Dubai's fog lasts by around 8am.Visibility could reach somewhere 10 meters.

I wonder how others could get excited too of fog to even take pictures like I did Thursday morning =) :

Arriving to work with this window
And then the fog clears

In this side of Silicon Oasis. Notice at far end is Sheikh Zayed Road with Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower.

Have a great clear day everyone =)

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  1. Foggy nga at overcast ang sky. Sometimes, I like foggy days, they make me feel sleepy haha!

  2. I'd get excited and take that picture too. Wow, sana may fog din dito sa Cambodia..hehe

  3. Ako din i like morning na halos di mo na makita ang daan sa fog.
    kasi nangangarapa ko ng snow at least malapit na ito doon/

  4. yes, foggy mornings remind me of Baguio too. our weather here is getting cooler and cooler.

  5. i dont see much foggy mornings, its good to catch up on your blog. you had interesting topics even from your past posts.


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