Road Trip : Jebel Hafeet and Al Ain Wildlife Zoo

October 26, 2010

Our road trip last Friday took us to Al Ain. It's first roundabout is an hour drive from Dubai (at 100-120kph). But being the "city of roundabouts", it takes another hour for newbies to find the way through the roads. A map or yet a GPS would greatly help.

Lower part was my sketch asking for directions, that's all roundabouts. The upper is the Gremlin's sketch.
Our destinations: Jebel Hafeet and Al Ain Wildlife Zoo.
  The thrill of driving through Jebel Hafeet's ascending 1240 meters' zigzag road makes it an attraction.
Unlike our first nightfalldrive up Jebel Hafeet, we did it on daylight this time, giving a better view of the rock formations which are amazing. 

I was told those ranges forms part of the Oman border
See the duo in red and orange. They're sitting on the tip!
 Weather is still warm hence the horizon is still hazy, we could have taken better photos. 
At the foot of the mountain is Green Mubazzarah, a park with hot water springs gushing little streams

By 4pm , we were at  the wildlife zoo. Already tired (exacerbated by the heat), we tried to cover as much so we could leave by 6pm. Two hours wasn't enough though. I think that a visit on winter is better (it seems they put out more animals and that the cool temperature is less energy-draining).

By the way, tiring a li'l boy around animals could make him grouchy, you might end up scolding him and he acts up as:
  But overall, a road trip pleases him like this:

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  1. i like the smiling photo of the gremlin (last one). sounds like a nice trip even if it was hot. i really like the photos of the rock formations. by the way, are the hot water springs at the Green Mubazzarah natural or man made?

  2. I've never been to Al Ain until now. Palagi ko lang nakikita sa mga pictures. I wish to stay there overnight. I hope that the nearby hotel is reasonably priced.

  3. even if he's grouchy, the gremlin still looks cute!

    nakakahilo ata yung daan. kung ako yun, baka luray na hihihi

  4. Great photos! Ang gaganda ng kuha mo. Napangiti ako doon sa "City of Roundabouts". Nung bago pa lang ako dito sa Al Ain, nahihilo ako sa biyahe pero nasanay na rin ako.

    Kung napaaga ang pagbisita nyo sa Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort(AL Ain Zoo) naabutan nyo sana yung Dinosaur Trail. I bet magugustuhan yun ng gremlin mo.

    Next time pag may balak kayo bumalik dito sa Al Ain, sana ma-meet kita and hopefully off ako sa hospital para mai-tour kita sa mga historal and picturesque places dito.


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