Road Trip - Falaj Moalla -> Masafi -> Fujairah

November 16, 2010

Getting lost in a road trip could sometimes turn out good, even if it means reaching the destination seven hours rather than 1.5 hours on the shortest route. We found ourselves on the outskirts driving just at 60-80kph rather than the 100-120kph highway speed. There's so much to see and wonder on so we would slow down or stop on awesome views.

We started in Dubai from left towards Fujairah at the lower right. We took the red route going and returned home on the blue road.

Dubai - Falaj Al Moalla - Al Dhaid - Masafi - Dadna - Zubara - Al Bidiya - Khorfakkan - Fujairah

Here's some takes along the way:

This house must feel so secured sitting on rocks in Masafi, Ras Al Khaimah

This was our sight for hours, but we loved it along with the curvy two way roads
Looking at these creations caught my interest in geography

There's no fancy food courts on the road.
Either stock food in the car, buy corn and fruits from this vendor, 
or eat at local restaurants which could be in the next 50 kms

Hungry after four hours drive, at last by 3:30 pm we found a perfect spot for our packed lunch

After a filling lunch, we let our tummy do good work while we wonder on the blue horizon

...while the Gremlin and his Dad worked on the sand.
Then here's Bidiya Mosque, believed to have been built in 1446 AD.
It's the smallest mosque I've seen so far.

As the sun was about to set, we reached our destination after seven real good hours. Small water swamps are a sight on the roads after the rain of ice earlier.

I asked the husband to drive in this house
that cradled my first sleep in the UAE -- in Fujairah.
And there's our Fujairah drive. Now I'm looking forward to the next road trip.

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  1. Sobrang nag-enjoy ako sa cyber tour ko! Ganda ng mga shots mo.

    Wish ko lang makapag road trip din ako ulet sa annual leave ko.

  2. Thanks for the tour. You made me realize to explore the other emirates soon. Your photos are so enticing to look at. :)

  3. whoa cool! great pics! wish i could go on that road trip someday too :D

  4. You took great photos. I love drive by photos. It must have brought back a lot of memories visiting that house where you spent your first days there.

  5. thanks for your comment,
    how about you put some photos of dubia on .
    your gremlin seems quite a handfull.
    we have 4 kids my great great son is also 4, sadly all i do is skype them,


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