Rough Drive: Wadi Wurrayah, Fujairah

December 03, 2010

Driving out of Dubai on weekends seems cheaper than being in malls. We just pack our cooked meals and load on gas, and that's it for the day.

Yesterday, we drove to Wadi Wurayyah in Fujairah, said to be UAE's only waterfalls all year long. From the road,  the wadi is a bumpy 3 kilometers rock bed which we clocked 26 minutes (one way).

If you are heading to the wadi, you can also get location ideas and further notes from Agnes' blog here, as with the map above.

Here's a quick video of our drive (shhh, mind not the voices =) ):

At the junction towards the view deck and the rock bed

Down the Wadi. Wadi (Arabic: واديwādī; also: Vadi) is the Arabic term traditionally referring to a valley. In some cases, it may refer to a dry riverbed that contains water only during times of heavy rain or simply an intermittent stream.

The waterfalls from the view point

There are bees and dragonflies

Now, the waterfalls. Just a short one but for a place where oases are rare, these are treasured.

Clear water upstream

The husband checks the reservoir

I'm in awe how the walls have formed.
This hill-y and rock sight is a delight for us who's always on  Dubai's plains.

On a side note, here are snaps along Khorfakkan heading to the wadi:

A jeepney with unfinished painting of the Philippine flag, it seems
Fujairah Trade Center where I first worked in the UAE, for an Egyptian who's into transporting Fujairah's crushed rocks to Kuwait and Dubai, among other places.

We were stuck in traffic heading back home in Khorfakkan as people celebrate UAE's 39th National Day on the streets.

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  1. the bees are potters wasps
    FAMILY VESPIDAE, Eumeninae - Potter Wasps, Mud Nesting Wasps.

  2. I love your drives and the sites you see. Maybe we should do that here too. Drive out of Phnom Penh one weekends. That's a thought =)

  3. great drive-by photos. are women allowed to bathe like those men on the river? just wondering.

  4. you blog the way you saw Egypt,
    your comments so far have been spot on,


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